Thursday, July 24, 2014

5 Types of People You Should Never Marry

We know that marriage is a huge commitment. We know that it is not a sprint race. It is, rather, a marathon that finishes when the body finally leaves its space on the planet.

When we marry a person, we marry his/her soul. We commit to share life irrespective of the challenges, bumps and happiness together. Marriage is that deep bond, which is why rushing into the hitching business could be an insanely damaging thing to do. And, choosing an ideal life partner to spend rest of the life with is far more tricky a business. A life partner reflects your core expression. As long time couples, married or otherwise, would tell you that how eventually two people merge into one. Their personalities become inter-exchangeable. Their likes become similar and after a brief time, they begin to resemble each other on more occasions.

Therefore , choose the guy/girl you are going to spend that much time in your life with very carefully. And to help you out, in case you are stuck in a dilemma, we have prepared a list of people whom you should never dream to exchange the holy vows with.

• Every confidential matchmaker worth his/her salt would tell you never marry someone who is culturally incompatible. Here, we are not referring to culture geographically. Instead, we are talking about philosophy of life, viewpoint, religion and attitude. You cannot possibly be happy with someone whom you have to struggle with on daily basis. Some common ground must be found.

• Vanity can be fun sometimes. But , if your future beau is always fixated with mirrors and cannot bear a single conversation that does not revolve around him/her, then friend, you are in trouble. Moreover, we suggest that you grab your running shoes before the exit door shuts permanently.

• An experienced confidential matchmaker would also suggest and emphasize upon financial compatibility. While she is great to have conversation with, she is fun, charming, beautiful and everything you wanted in a woman to be, if she is not going to see money the way you do, your marriage will add immensely to your personal stress. So , be careful!

• If you meet a special soul through matrimonial services, do not remain fixated on the physical beauty alone. Try to know more about the persona and his/her personality. Physical appearance is the easiest way to ensure unhappiness in your married life because where would you go once the age piles on and his personality is no more interesting enough to keep the bedroom mojo alive?

• Lying is the biggest of all sins. If you meet someone through matrimonial services and find out later that he had lied a bit about his biography or background, then that should be your signal to leave the boat while it's still somewhere near the bay. Because a person who lies once shall do so again and again.


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